Hospitality Capanneto

It was Mrs. Emenia Tini together with her husband cav. Giuseppe Pasqui in the second half of 1800 to design and build with a famous Florentine architect the “new” Villa Pasqui in Città di Castello in Umbria on the Colle di Caprano today known as the hill of Belvedere. The same architect had previously drawn the garden of Villa Tini in Cinquemiglia, 8 km from Castello Umberto. Villa Tini is a manor house with an adjoining farm, guardianship and colony beyond Tenuta Tini’s business center which Emenia woman brought to dowry to Giuseppe Pasqui.
Capanneto in Marchigliano was the hilly farmhouse of the most representative estate since it comprised the residence of two half-family families, a master plan where the rural elementary school and elementary school housed the children of the whole valley resided.

Emenia Tini sposa Giuseppe Pasqui
Teresa Pasqui Patrizi Francesco Pasqui
Bianca Maria Patrizi Guardabassi Fabrizio, Roberto, Giuseppe Pasqui
Maria Grazia d‘Erme Maria Elena Pasqui
Bianca Maria e Aurora d‘Erme Margherita Castori Pasqui

In 2017 their cousins ​​meet and decide that the past should revive the memory of those who preceded them.

Villa pasqui 1914 location for important events

Capanneto for a stay of excellence in the quiet of a lush landscape that witnesses a harmonious coexistence between history, nature and culture.